PROJECTMarch 7, 2022

create-react-app but for Python 🐍⚡

i just uploaded this to to gain more users and feedback

I was bored, Sunday evening. I decided to make this auto-updating twitter banner using python (I've already done it.) Image description

But you see, I'm lazy. Really lazy. I didn't even want to make the file and get straight to the coding.

If you have to do the same thing more than 5 times, automate it.

And that's what I ended up doing. as I'm learning Rust, this could also be a nice Rust project that helps me with my everyday small projects.

Here's what create-python-program does:

  • Initialises virtual environment
  • Makes source directory and file
  • Makes, .gitignore
  • Initialises git repository
  • Makes requirements.txt file
  • Creates .env file

It's cross platform too! demo image

Installation and Usage

The project is available at, and you can install it easily by this command:

cargo install create-python-project



And yes, that's it! Let me know what you think in the comments below! I know this project isn't THAT useful but as long as it saves one second of my time, it's worth it lol