PROJECTApril 15, 2022

Convert any image to tiny, sussy AmongUs Characters ඞඞ

This project is honesty hilarious.

This project is honesty hilarious.

Yes, that's my voice. Yes, my voice is funny.

What is it

SussyImage is a joke project because, you guessed it, I was bored. Inspired by reddit's r/place, I thought it would be cool if I could make a project that could use small images to imitate an image. I already had a little bit knowledge of OpenCV2, so making the actual thing wasn't the challenge: Making it somewhat efficient was.

The image don't have to be AmongUs characters, but for me (and well, the entire internet), Amongus is extremely funny, so I have included an amongus character pack in the repository, which is set to the default image directory.

Here's the github repository, it's a very simple project If you liked it EVEN ONE BIT, please star it lol ⭐⭐


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