Previously - May 2022

previous stuff

This page was inspired by Gergely Orosz, Derek Sivers and Oscar Dominguez's now pages*.

Here's what I'm doing now:

Now I'm learning


I love web development, but my skills were holding me back from making amazing web applications. I started learning Next.js back in January, but didn't quite make it into my workflow.

So I decided to re-learn the foundations. I'm also working on multiple projects with Next.js, so I'm pretty excited about it.

I'm learning from the original documentation itself - Next.js documentation.


I'm a fan of the Go programming language It's very easy to learn, and I already managed to make a couple projects with it. But I'm also aware that I haven't nailed the fundamentals of the language, which is why I'm Go-ing through the basics again.

Again, from the official documentation - Go documentation. and Go by Examples.

👨🏽‍💻 Open Source and Personal Projects

This month started with a little bit of a burnout, I didn't have motivation to code anything! I think I overworked my limits, and I'm starting to feel a bit tired. And I'm still not sure if I'm ready to start coding.

Which is why I'm working on lightweight projects with Python and updating this Blog

Beautify This!

Beautify this is an API and web app that only does one thing - beautify stuff! For now, it supports Twitter Tweets.

To go with Beautify This, I also created a Twitter bot and challenged myself at the start of the month to grow it as much as possible, and I'm proud of the progress so far.

(I'll be writing a blog about how I grew a twitter bot account from zero to hero in just ONE tweet, ONE day!)

The bot used to be called Poet This, but I decided to change it to Beautify This because it's a bit more catchy. Earlier, I used to use Poet.so and a Selenium webdriver to scrape tweets from there, but then switched to my own implementation using Python's PIL library.

The bot is currently running on Railway.

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This blog

I'm also working a lot on this blog. With the latest update, I just implemented the following features:

  • MDX support
  • ToolTip

  • Bumped the versions of all dependencies and fixed breaking bugs
  • Change in the UI a little bit
  • The "Now" and "Previous" pages

Btw, this blog is open source! You can find it on Github. While you're there, why not leave a ⭐?

This blog also has support for comments using Giscus.

Open source contributions at Aviyel's Github repo

I got a message from Aviyel if I'd like to contribute some project demos to their Github repository, and I happily accepted.

I went ahead and made a Demo for integrating Chatwoot in multiple frameworks - NextJS, vanilla HTML here

I'll also be working on more of their requests


I'm actively trying to make SussyImage a little bit faster and more efficient.

I have more projects to work on, but I'm not sure if doing all of them at the same time is a good idea

🔍 More

Now I'm reading

I've been reading a lot of books lately. The latest one which really got me hooked is Atomic Habits. A really good book that talks about how small changes can make a really big difference in the long run.

I've just completed the first 2 chapters of it, and I'm looking forward to the rest.

Next, I wanna read Can't hurt me, which was recommended to me by a friend.

Now I'm listening to

I recently bought the Spotify Premium account, so i've been listening to a lot of music lately.

Emptiness by Zodiac Wave is one of my favorites now, (maybe because I can relate, lol)

I also rediscovered this song that was my childhood favorites

My hobbies now

Since I was burnt out of coding, I've started focusing more on my hobbies

Specifically, playing the Guitar (and singing along), Cycling more, reading, and working out

You can see what I was doing previously Here