EXPERIENCEMarch 1, 2022

Revue by twitter is cool

How I set up a newsletter using Revue, and why I love it

Those who have been reading my blog must have noticed the little "Subscribe to my blog" button in the sidebar of the main page.

Earlier, I used to use tinyletter as the newsletter service. It was good and all, but guess what - no one subscribed to it.


I mean, this was obvious, not like I post great content every day, I'm just sharing my journey, and sometimes, it's boring. Not everyone has to like my blog and subscribe to the newsletter.

But then, while making a tweet - I saw this little ad pop up saying something like "What's up, wordsmiths" - and I thought, "Hey, I'm a wordsmith, why don't I try this one?" I clicked on the link, and went down the rabbithole of the amazing service that Revue is.

I logged in with twitter, and set up the domain to be a custom one - yes, i could use Revue on a custom domain! So I used newsletter.dhravya.dev and set up a custom domain for it. The process itself was very easy, just had to add a CNAME Record to point to www.getrevue.co or something like that

Then, I noticed that I can also send "Issues" using my own EMAIL! I use Cloudflare emails, which, by the way, I LOVE doing. It's the ultimate flex for me haha Anyways, apparently I just had to do this setup and verify the email address, it worked like a charm!

Then I saw the twitter profile of daily.dev and was amazed by the newsletter box thing it showed. I can only imagine how many people would be subscribing just because of that image

How I did it: It's actually really easy. I just went to the integrations page and it was a really straightforward process

I've also integrated this blog's RSS feed to the newsletter, let's see how that goes!!!! This blog was actually just supposed to be the test blog lmfao image

Then, I also had to set it up on the blog's main page itself. Tinyletter had a nice api where I could just send a post request and revue has an even better one! You can check the source code of how it's done on this blog's github page

All these little integrations make me really excited to write more blogs, because it increases reach and overall engagement. What are your thoughts on Revue?

I have 0 Subscribers to my newsletter right now. Would you like to be one of the first ones? go to newsletter.dhravya.dev to subscribe!!