Hi. I'm Dhravya @dhr.wtf Shah 🤟


Short Bio

I'm a product maker (... and full stack developer) currently based in Arizona, USA. I'm passionate about building products that help people and make a difference in the world. I'm also a big fan of open source software - which is why almost everything I build is open source! I also love educating others about technology and programming, which is why I'm a content creator and write blogs in my free time.
I mainly write code in the T3 Stack


I sold my first venture, Epikhost, at an age of 16. And then went on to build and fail a lot of times. I also worked as a freelancer, creating and selling discord bots and landing pages. Then, I went on to work as an app developer for Commnete, a startup based in Mumbai, India.

My second exit was Tweets.beauty, a tool to beautify tweets and other web content. I sold it to Hypefury in 2023, and I got an opportunity to work with them as a full stack developer.

I've won several hackathons as well, like Calhacks, by UC Berkeley, which was the biggest college hackathon of the time, and Sunhacks, by ASU

Kind words ❤️

  • Nexxel
    Nexxel, maker of create.t3.gg

    Dhravya is one of the most passionate builders I know. He's always coming up with new ideas and projects, and he's not afraid to take risks. He's a great teacher, friend, and an inspiration to me and to everyone who knows him.

  • sreeram
    Sreeram, teammate in autochords.co

    I've known him for 3 months now and he's been the kindest. He's always there to help, to listen, and to have a good chat with. He's an adrenaline junkie just like me so we end up doing crazy things together hahaha. He's always the one to cheer you up and make you feel like you're something when you feel like you're nothing. To see how he helps people seeking nothing in return is something that's really inspiring for an 18-year-old. Nothing but love for this guy ❤

  • Nexxel
    Naina, Product Designer and Content Creator @Naina_2728

    DhravyaShah is so slay

  • Syed
    Syed @syedjs_

    Spent 30 minutes with me talking about tech, startups and life seeking no monetary gain. He codes, He builds, He hacks, He guitars and He tweets. What more could you ask for?

  • AdityaDafe
    Aditya Dafe @adityadafe

    You inspire me to build crazy and cool shit thanks!!

Work Experience

  • hypefury logo
    Mar. 2023 · Aug. 2023
    Feature head and Full-Stack developer
    As a Project Lead, my responsibility was to oversee and maintain all the codebase of one of Hypefury's core offerings. Typescript, Rust, Python were used in the infrastructure. We utilized NextJS with the “T-3 stack” - ensuring developer productivity as well as a bug-free typesafe codebase.
  • Commnete logo
    Aug. 2022 · Dec. 2022
    App Developer and Project Manager
    This was my first job at a startup. Commnete is a management, security and accounting solution for housing societies. I built their security app for guards, using React native and Expo. The security guards have to enter the visitor's information in a smooth simple yet easy to use form, along with other features such as emergency and parcel delivery.
  • Epikhost
    Oct 2021· Apr 2022
    I was the Co-Owner of Epikhost, a hosting company. At our peak, we had more than 5000 members in our active discord community and more than 3000 users. I managed the community, managed finances and some of the technologies that enabled us to grow.

Let's Connect

I'm excited to connect with others via email ([email protected]) and Twitter to chat about projects and ideas. Currently, I'm not taking on freelance projects, but I am open to hearing about potential opportunities, discussing them with you and then potentially collaborating if it's a good fit.