My resume


  • Arizona state university
    August 2023 · Present
    BS in Computer science
    Arizona State University
    Throughout my years at ASU, I immersed myself in a dynamic learning environment, surrounded by dedicated faculty and talented peers. ASU focuses on entrepreneurship and leadership which is something that I really like. I got to be a part of Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation fellowship, Venture devils, Grand Challenges Scholars Program and a lot of clubs.
  • Ryan international school
    May 2010 · Apr 2021
    Ryan International School - Mumbai, India
    Part of choir, musicians, World's Scholars Cup

Work Experience

  • hypefury logo
    Mar. 2023 · Aug. 2023
    Feature head and Full-Stack developer
    As a Project Lead, my responsibility was to oversee and maintain all the codebase of one of Hypefury's core offerings. Typescript, Rust, Python were used in the infrastructure. We utilized NextJS with the “T-3 stack” - ensuring developer productivity as well as a bug-free typesafe codebase.
  • Commnete logo
    Aug. 2022 · Dec. 2022
    App Developer and Project Manager
    This was my first job at a startup. Commnete is a management, security and accounting solution for housing societies. I built their security app for guards, using React native and Expo. The security guards have to enter the visitor's information in a smooth simple yet easy to use form, along with other features such as emergency and parcel delivery.
  • Epikhost
    Oct 2021· Apr 2022
    I was the Co-Owner of Epikhost, a hosting company. At our peak, we had more than 5000 members in our active discord community and more than 3000 users. I managed the community, managed finances and some of the technologies that enabled us to grow.


  • U&I foundation logo
    Volunteer Teacher
    U&I Foundation
    I taught 8th grade math to underprivileged kids who were unable to complete their education due to COVID-19. As a volunteer, I also raised funds, held events and other activities for the kids to enjoy without their parents.
  • Pythonexpert
    Python Expert Skill Score
    Educative, Inc.
    Got 999/1000 in Educative python skill test